College Choice, an online resource for college search and rankings, recently published their ranking of the top fifty online master's degrees in accounting in the United States for 2016.

The University of Virginia, University of Texas at Austin, University of Notre Dame, University of Michigan, and New York University top the list. The rankings considered factors such as the cost of attendance, the college program's reputation, and return on investment into their rankings.

College Choice's top 10 master's degree programs in accounting are as follows:

  • 1) University of Virginia
  • 2) University of Texas at Austin
  • 3) University of Notre Dame
  • 4) University of Michigan
  • 5) New York University
  • 6) University of Pennsylvania
  • 7) Miami University Ohio
  • 8) Texas A&M University
  • 9) Baylor University
  • 10) Michigan State University

"Accountants are visible in every business, every major corporation, and even in government agencies," said Robert Hand, lead editor for the ranking, in a statement. "Some go into private practice for themselves, helping people do their taxes, while others work in law firms, helping to discern off-shore practices and other related services that pertain to the accounting practices of their businesses. Right now, accountants rank as number three in the best jobs to have in the current market. And spending one extra year in school is enough to make a salary jump by $10,000 per year just starting out."
For the full ranking, head to College Choice's site here.