Yes, it's true. Recession-proof jobs do still exist in the financial industry—at least according to one Canadian student newspaper.

The Feb. 3 story, published in the University of British Columbia's The Ubyssey, points to a recent Forbes article ranking the top 10 most recession-proof jobs.

Future CPAs have something to look forward to: "accounting executive" was ranked fourth and "accounting staff" ranked fifth—pretty solid footing for the current shaky economy.

The majority of commerce students are set for opportunities in these fields, according to reporter Alicia Woodside. Twenty-nine percent of upper level commerce students are registered in accounting, 25 percent in finance and 22 percent are signed up for marketing classes.

"We're not seeing as strong of an impact as we're hearing in the media," said Linda Gully, director of the school's Business Career Centre of changes in employer activity. "There is still lots of hiring activity happening."

For example, recruiting won't slow down for Ernst & Young, who had a presence at the school in the fall. Nancy Hudson, campus recruiting manager for Ernst & Young in Vancouver, said that the firm hasn't made any plans to cut back its hiring of students.

"Our hiring was up approximately 5 percent from last year," Hudson said. "We think it's even more critical to attract and retain the very best people during an economic downturn."