When partners go off to network and find new clients do they head to the … bat cave? Or what Stacie Clifford Kitts describes in her blog, Stacie's More Tax Tips, as a giant underground warehouse where they pluck potential clients off the shelf and check them out at the front of the store.

Kitts, a CPA, and tax and accounting professional for more than 20 years, wonders this in a blog post entitled, “An Accountants Search for the Bat Cave – A Story About Networking – A Tax Season Rerun.”

I won’t give it all away, but the post is about a young rookie trying to figure out how the veteran partner comes back with a stack of clients for the newbie to work on. It’s a fresh, fun take on an old issue and Kitts offers an honest approach to finding the answer. She also offers a list of tips for those needing some direction on how to dive into the world of networking.

For example, this nugget: “Be fearless in your quest. And I mean just that. Don't be afraid - get out into the world and tell people what you do. Ask for business. Hand out your card - and do it over and over and over again until you find the right, group, network, or formula that works for you. Keep in mind that your partner's journey may be different from yours. As networkers, we each have our own styles. So don't get discouraged if someone else's journey isn't for you.”

What else does the blog offer? Information on how to get free CPE credit, getting proper written consent from clients, and a story from the “stupid preparer files” are all there for your perusal.

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