A partner at New York-based Citrin Cooperman will be rubbing elbows with the likes of Nathan Lane, Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick, as he joins the board of trustees of Flexitoon Puppet Theatre as treasurer.

Who says CPAs aren’t hip?

Ed Heben will oversee the new non-profit’s finances, provide business guidance and work closely with any accounting professionals or firms hired by the organization as it grows.

“It’s an honor to be named to such a prestigious and high-profile board of trustees,” said Heben, who works out of the firm’s White Plains office. "The work being done through the Flexitoon Puppet Theatre is very important, and I’m glad to be able to contribute to the organization and the community at this early stage.”

The Flexitoon Puppet Theatre, which opened earlier this year, hopes to attract a diverse, intergenerational audience to a permanent home in Manhattan. Flexitoon has been called the “Pixar of Puppetry.”

Heben will also be mix and mingling with Thomas Schumacher and Megan Mullally.

For more info on the theatre go to its website.