Alex Malley, the chief executive of CPA Australia, a professional organization for accountants in the Land Down Under, has gotten a high-profile new gig: hosting a Sunday morning TV series on a top TV network there.

The show, "The Conversation with Alex Malley," premieres on Sunday, February 7, in the 10:00 AM slot on the Nine Network.

Malley has already appeared in videos for CPA Australia, including a rare interview with the late Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong (see One Small Step for Neil Armstrong: Addressing an Australian Accounting Group). Just try to top that, George Stephanopoulos and Chuck Todd!

Malley previously hosted another Nine Network series, "The Bottom Line," for three years.

“I’ve always found the most fascinating stories to be true stories—my experience making this show has reaffirmed this belief,” Malley said in a statement. “Uncovering our guests’ real-life experiences, emotions, failures and successes, and how these shaped their attitudes and ideologies, really is compelling. I’m excited about sharing these stories on Australia’s leading network over the coming weeks.”

One of the most significant guests Malley plans to interview this season will be Alpha Cheng, a CPA who is also the son of Curtis Cheng, an accountant with the New South Wales Police Department, who was tragically murdered last year in a terrorism-related incident. He was a 26-year member of CPA Australia.

Other guests will include Atari founder and entrepreneur Nolan Bushnell, World Vision CEO Tim Costello, Australian Labor Party Leader Bill Shorten, political commentator Laurie Oakes, and journalist and television presenter  Deborah Knight.