A disabled CPA in Naples, Fla., claims the golf club where she worked terminated her after she called attention to problems with the 401(k) program it administered for employees.

The termination happened the day after 50-year-old Leslie Boran arrived back from a vacation in Rome, as she tried to enter the club’s board room in her wheelchair. “As she pushed her wheelchair, she was barred from entering the board room, told she’d been fired, and was arrested and jailed on trespassing and obstruction charges,” according to the Naples News.

Boran, who suffers from a debilitating form of arthritis, was released from jail later that day on a $1,500 bond. She believes her termination by the club was due to violations of ERISA law that she discovered.

The problems involved holiday bonuses that the club's members contributed for employees, which Boran believed the club should match in its 401(k) matching program. She argued that the discrepancy needed to be reported because of her fiduciary duty as a CPA. Her action prompted the club to come forward voluntarily and try to rectify the situation with the IRS. However, Boran ultimately got fired for insisting that the club report the problem. You can read more about her at the NaplesNews.com site.