The CPA Consultants’ Alliance has published a new book to help the CPA profession close the divide between current and emerging leaders.

The book, “Bridging the Gap: Strengthening the Connection between Current and Emerging Leaders in the CPA Profession,” is a work of collaboration among CPACA members.

“This book represents cooperation among leading experts to bring understanding of this complex and important issue to CPA professionals,” said CPACA president Sarah Dobek, who is also president of Inovautus Consulting. “I’m proud of what this book represents. Not only is it a timely and valuable resource for the profession, it’s been a great learning experience for the CPACA members broadening all our perspectives to make us more informed and better resources for the firms we serve.”

CPACA members worked together for a year on writing the book, each bringing a different perspective to the topic of leadership and penning a chapter addressing leadership issues. Besides Dobek, co-authors include Jennifer Wilson, Sandra Wiley, Tamara Loerzel and others.

The book features 14 chapters full of insights and examples. Each chapter includes discussion questions to help open conversations among current and emerging leaders in firms to build greater understanding and a common vision for the future. The book is available from Amazon in both Kindle and paperback formats.