The Maryland Association of CPAs has produced a romantic, but comical YouTube video using animated characters from Second Life singing a song with the lyrics, “If I were an auditor, and you were a lady.”

Instead of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash, the video features the musical stylings of Steven Zelin, otherwise known as the “Singing CPA,” and Edith Orenstein, who writes the Financial Executives International blog. Other bloggers credited on the video include Bill Sheridan from CPA Success, Tom Selling from The Accounting Onion and Gail Perry from AccountingWeb.

The video uses MACPA’s CPA Island on the virtual environment Second Life to show a couple meeting, marrying and playing guitar together. The lyrics include immortal lines like, “If I worked for an audit firm, would you still love me? Answer me, babe, 'Yes I would.' You wouldn't put the lawyers above me.”

Click on the link here or the image below to play the video.