[IMGCAP(1)]As March 15 rolls around and we hit the midway point of tax season, I’m just thinking about all the delightful dinners I enjoyed over the past few weeks.

Top 5 Tax Season Dinners

1)    Overpriced, repeat dinner from fancy restaurant ordered before 10 a.m. based on working a 10-hour day at “Big Firm.”

2)    Client dinner at nice restaurant with good food and exhausting conversation.

3)    Warmed up bratwurst and raisin toast eaten at 9:30 p.m. Haven’t seen the grocery store in days.

4)    Crock Pot dinners, overplanned by practical accountant

5)    Nothing. Filled up on snacks all day and too exhausted to eat.

What’s your favorite tax season dinner?  Please share!