PricewaterhouseCoopers is forecasting Super Bowl XLIX will generate approximately $206 million in direct spending in the greater Phoenix area, and that’s not adjusting for deflation, so to speak.

PwC U.S. issued the forecast Monday, which includes direct spending throughout the greater Phoenix area by the National Football League, businesses, visitors and media. This estimate includes spending on area lodging, transportation, food and beverage, entertainment, business services, and other hospitality and tourism activities.

PwC noted that the estimate is based on the firm’s own proprietary analysis, which considers characteristics unique to this year's event such as the participating teams, local market attributes, national economic conditions, and scheduled corporate and other ancillary activities.

PwC didn’t mention what the impact would be of all those extra footballs the NFL will have to buy in case the air suddenly goes out of the ones bought for the big game or the extra generators that the league will have to keep on hand in case Beyonce does another half-time show and the lights get blown out. This year, Katy Perry is scheduled to perform and it’s likely she won’t test the wattage of the stadium’s lighting system as her predecessor did two years ago.

Also excluded from PwC’s analysis is the so-called "multiplier effect," which accounts for "indirect" impacts, such as a concession company's purchase of goods from local producers and manufacturers, and "induced" impacts, which occur when the income levels of residents rise as a result of increased economic activity and a portion of the increased income is re-spent within the local economy.

Also excluded is the impact of all those Doritos commercials on the nation’s wallets, eating habits and waistlines.

PwC has produced the following graphic that illustrates, in nominal dollars, the direct spending associated with the Super Bowl since 2006. As shown below, the direct spending generated by this year's event is expected to trail only last year's Super Bowl held in the New York/New Jersey market. Good thing it's not being held in New York or New Jersey this year, because it would take a lot of shoveling to get the field cleared in time.