Deloitte volunteers imparted real-world wisdom to Bronx School of Law & Finance students in New York as part of the firm’s annual community involvement event Impact Day.

Students of the career-themed public high school, which is part of the National Academy Foundation’s Academy of Finance, interacted with Deloitte employees in resume writing, mock interview and professional etiquette booths.

“Students gain a tremendous amount from their interaction with professionals, especially the type of quality professionals that are employed by a firm such as Deloitte,” said Bronx School of Law & Finance principal Evan Schwartz in a statement. “It really gives our students the opportunity to learn first hand what it takes to be successful in the business world and it gives them a chance to see professionals who are succeeding at what they’re doing.”

Tanya Navas, New York City Director for the National Academy Foundation, agreed: “Today’s business professionals play a vital role in preparing tomorrow’s leaders for success. Impact Day is just one example of how business professionals can make a difference simply by sharing their knowledge with eager high school students.”