[IMGCAP(1)]“Cause there ain’t no party like a parking lot party, ‘cause a parking lot party don’t quit!” (Michael Scott, "The Office")

I have to agree. There’s nothing like a good parking lot party—live with dynamic conversation and idea sharing galore! You know how all the good conversations tend to happen in hallways or the proverbial water cooler, never documented and never to be discussed again? Well, we’ve decided to make those conversations the center of our new and fabulous event: the Sage Listens Parking Lot Party taking place in Las Vegas Aug. 17.

The Parking Lot Party is part of the Sage Listens tour, which consists of several stops in the Wild West to share experiences and listen to what you have to say. On Aug. 17, Sage will offer a free Vision Workshop, designed the help CPAs define (and refine) their practice. (Sign up here.) Also part of the tour is IC Opportunities (you know, that crazy band of progressive accounting professionals who are shaking up the profession with innovation and new ways of operating our firms).

Collectively, the Vision Workshop, IC Opportunities and the Vegas Parking Lot Party are all geared toward educating professionals and keeping the innovation going. Of course, we are also there to have fun! After all, it IS Vegas, baby!

This daylong series of events is the precursor of me jumping on the Sage Listens Tour RV to create my RV-travel video, which will be part of my long-running practice management blog. You can catch the video right here on Accounting Tomorrow.

My vlog (video blog) is a masterful hybrid of The Travel Channel and progressive practice management; reality show meets CPA. And yes, I’m just crazy enough to start a hip new trend of accounting-on-the-road vlogs!  After all, travel is all about adapting to new surroundings and surviving amidst change. Sound familiar? Aren’t we all just trying to stay ahead of change, adapt, and ultimately survive? Why not have a little RV fun while working to master practice management and keep up with change?

I hope you can make it to Vegas. But if not, our series of Parking Lot Parties will be chronicled. And, we may just land the RV in a city near you. So, get out of your office and come to the party!