It won’t be long before the Ben Affleck action movie “The Accountant” comes out this weekend, and already the anticipation is building.

The always entertaining blog Going Concern has been eagerly following the latest developments, including a sketch on “The Tonight Show” where Affleck and host Jimmy Fallon read dialogue from some scripts submitted by children about scenes they would like to see in the upcoming movie. Those include some hilarious scenes where children decide whether they want to grow up to be an astronaut or an accountant. The choice, of course, is to become an astronaut-accountant, or an accountant-astronaut.

Another scene written by a different child involves the “accountant’s oath”: accountants promise never to fight other accountants. To watch the skit, check out the link here on the Huffington Post.

Affleck’s co-star Anna Kendrick talked in a recent interview with Good Morning America about how she got advice from her mother, who is an accountant, explaining some of the financial terms and concepts she would be using in the movie. As soon as the movie shoot was over, Kendrick felt relieved she wouldn’t have to remember any of that stuff. “And the second I was done I was like ‘That’s gone forever. Farewell.’”

In case you can’t wait for the movie, you can check out the trailer here.