EY CEO Mark Weinberger addresses diverse undergrads at 'Discover EY' event

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On Friday, EY global chairman and CEO Mark Weinberger addressed 180 invited undergrads from around the country on the last day of EY's Discover EYevent, geared towards representing minority students and helping them learn from and connect with industry leaders.

Weinberger spoke to the crowd about his experience on becoming CEO, and what lessons he continues to utilize today.

“What you want to do is get people who will expand your opportunity to build what you want," he said. "You’re going to have your own board of directors – at your age, you should have a group of people you get advice from on different things. They won't all know everything, [but] they’ll all know different things.”

Weinberger also referenced a previous blog post he wrote, “If I Were 22: Advice from a B Student,” about what he learned when he was first starting out.

“The point of the article is that I’ve grown up; [I've] put my own pressure on myself," said Weinberger. "The world will find a lot of ways to put pressure on you and sometimes it becomes overwhelming to a point where you are more nervous and do things out of fear than opportunity. What my article was meant to do was address that and say to have more confidence in yourself. Anybody in this room is here because we have confidence in you.”

The CEO also challenged students to never stop learning and being independent, even in the throngs of learning the ropes on one's first job.

“There’s nothing wrong with asking ‘Why am I doing this? What is the context for this project?’ Everyone’s going to be really busy, but when you understand the context of what you’re doing, you will get a better answer to the ‘Why’ and the ‘What’ instead of just the ‘What’ because you’ll have more knowledge of what you’re trying to achieve. Lift your head off your desks, build those relationships, ask 'why' a lot, and never forget who you are and where you came from.”

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