[IMGCAP(1)]By the time you read this blog, I will either have won or lost the contest.

What contest you ask?

You see if enough people watch my 10-second video, I could meet Biz Stone the founder of Twitter at SageSummit this week. This man has no doubt changed the world – but he’s also changed my life and CPA firm. I’m not sure what I will even say if I’m the winner.  

I’ve never been known to be speechless before.   

Do you think he will follow me? Will he take a selfie with me? And yes, it has crossed my mind to ask him if he likes his current CPA.  I know it’s tacky but after all, his net worth is significant as Twitter is valued in the billions.  My daughter said I should have him verify my account, proving I’m a Twitter celebrity. Well, at least in my own mind I am. 

I hope I win. Stay tuned!