Western New York accounting firm Freed Maxick & Battaglia will be one of a few hundred companies involved in the beta rollout of Twitter’s Promoted Product suite of advertising products through the firm’s @FreedMaxickCPAs account.

“Twitter has played a key role in our marketing and communications program since 2009, and we are excited to get this ‘sneak peek’ opportunity,” said Marketing Director Eric Majchrzak.

Freed Maxick is one of more than 200 national advertisers participating in the program, but the first public accounting firm to use the new platform. The firm plans to use it to leverage some of its primary practice areas that have already experienced success on Twitter, such as entrepreneurial business, corporate tax and international services, said Majchrzak.

Previously, in 2009 and 2010, the firm launched a Twitter campaign using interactive outdoor billboards in the region to display real-time Tweets from the firm.

“This is important to the accounting profession because many firms are already using Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google AdWords, et cetera, and this is Twitter’s answer to that,” Majchrzak said. “As you can imagine, firms will be jumping on this when it is made available to the broader public.”