Millennials do care about their financial future, more than protecting the environment, improving their physical health and nutrition or strengthening bonds with family and friends, at least according to Charles Schwab.

According to the Charles Schwab Young Adults & Money survey, 53 percent of the 23-to 28-year-olds polled are very concerned about their financial futures. Yet, with student loans, living expenses and new careers that can make wise fiscal decisions difficult, saving and investing may not be a reality.

In the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal financial advisors offer three strategies: watch your pennies, watch your lifestyle and watch your career.

Ben Towne, a Gen Yer and CPA and business valuation manager in the San Jose office of Berger Lewis Accountancy Corp., said many of the important financial decisions you can make in life may not seem to have a direct relation to your financial health.

“One of the most crucial things about money is that there are other things in life that need to be considered,” he said. “When you’re choosing a spouse or life partner, is that person financially responsible? Do your friends care about more than spending money and looking good? You have to spend money in a sane way.”

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