With the economy and jobmarket showing signs of improvement in recent weeks, employers now face thechallenge of not which employees to lay off and which to keep, but how to keeptheir top talent from going elsewhere.

A new workplace survey reveals that 54percent of employed Americans plan to look for a new job once the economyreboundsThat sentiment is evenstronger among Gen Y employees ages 18 to 29, 71 percent of whom say they arelikely to look for new jobs once the economy turns around, according to thelatest Workplace Insights Survey from Adecco Group North America, a staffingfirm.

Other findings from thesurvey include:

·Paycuts – 18 percent ofrespondents said they would be willing to take a pay cut to keep their job. Ofthose willing to take a pay cut, 55 percent of employees said they will accepta 10 percent salary decrease or more. Gen Yers, however, won’t budge. Only 9percent of workers from that generation are willing to accept a pay cut to keeptheir jobs.

·Retirement plans – Forty-four percent ofemployees over the age of 60 have been forced to delay their retirement plans.

·Pessimism persists – Despite some good newsfrom the markets, 40 percent of American workers believe we will be in arecession for another full year, and potentially into the third quarter of2011.

·Not worried enough toprepare– A survey released in January revealed that despite concerns and worries, onlyabout one in five Americans were saving for unemployment. Now, six monthslater, that finding remains the same. Only 22 percent of Americans are savingmoney to prepare for a layoff.