In the last three days, three deaths have occurred spanning three generations.

Insight and wisdom can come from anywhere. And now that most of us are logged on and plugged in for most of our waking hours, social media sites have been a hot bed for both.

I read this off a friend's Facebook status update yesterday, "In the last three days, an icon of our grandparents' generation, Ed McMahon, dead. An icon of our parent's generation, Farrah Fawcett, dead. And an icon of our generation, Michael Jackson, dead."

Not surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter have been on fire in regards to comments related to these deaths. Here are some from our Accounting Tomorrow Facebook friends (names withheld):

"Nostalgia is a powerful drug. It can unite a nation and perhaps the world. It's a truly amazing experiment."

 "One more confirmation how short and fragile a life is ... cherish what we have and whom we are with."

"'do youremember the time' when we said 'don't stop till you get enough' andended up 'off the wall'? This guy came up to me who thought he was'bad' and told me, ' the girl is mine'! I said 'billy Jean is not mylover'! Turned out to be quite a 'thriller', but I told him to 'beatit'.........."

"Whowould have thought Elizabeth Taylor would outlive Michael Jackson? Whowould have thought there would be more original Rolling Stones alivethan original Beatles? Who would have thought Lindsay Lohan would haveoutlived Natasha Richardson?"

"50 and 62 are just too young to die. Rest in peace Farrah and Michael, and rise in glory ... You will be missed by many."