The Georgia Society of CPAs (GSCPA) recently held its third annual financial literacy day this month. The volunteer event, Millennial Money, gave certified CPAs in the state the opportunity to teach eighth-grade students the importance of saving and budgeting. 

“As trusted advisers, CPAs have the knowledge and expertise to teach students about financial literacy and prepare them for financially stable futures,” GSCPA CEO Boyd Search said in a statement.

During the one-day program, 144 GSCPA members visited middle school classrooms where they taught basic financial concepts, such as saving, investing and budgeting to almost 6,500 eighth graders.

“We created Millennial Money to help students understand that a budget is a tool they should use to make smart choices about saving and spending money," stated Lynn Viars, chair of the GSCPA Financial Literacy Task Force. "Eighth graders are mature enough to understand the benefits of living within one’s income, saving money and avoiding debt. It is also the right age to begin developing financially smart saving and spending habits that can produce a generation of more fiscally responsible adults.” 

The Millennial Money program includes an interactive game that gives students the chance to see how their future earnings will align with their expenses. A downloadable spreadsheet was also provided to help students visually track their spending and manage their budget.

For more on the GSCPA and their "Millennial Money" program, head to the Society's site here.