The Colangelo College of Business atGrand Canyon Universityis holding its first annual "Money Week" March 14-16 in order to educate students on financial and savings basics,per GCU Today. Professors from Colangelo and other financial experts look to educate students with concise, 20-minute discussions on basic topics ranging from tackling credit card debt to structuring a budget.

"Money Week’s” motto is "speed dating for your wallet," with the ultimate goal of giving students quick and simple financial lessons before heading out into the real world. One such session, hosted by Stephen Barnes of Barnes Investment Advisory, titled, “10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Graduated from GCU," served as a preemptive warning to frivolous spending.

 “I wish somebody would have told me it was OK not to buy a house — it’s OK to keep renting," he said, perGCU Today. "‘Got to buy a house, got to buy a house.’ It was tremendous pressure. Plus, I wish somebody would have said to me, ‘So why are you buying another car? Doesn’t that one work? Why don’t you save some money?’”

“You don’t need to know everything about accounting or financial management,” said sophomore Sarah Mondragon after the presentation, perGCU. “But you need to be able to manage yourself.”

“Money Week” was created by Ashley Hardin, a GCU admissions representative. After graduating and working at the University, she claimed she didn’t understand the University's benefits package, and subsequently found a passion for financial planning. When she saw that students needed basic financial advice as well, Hardin created and taught a personal financial seminar last year, with Colangelo creating a course, FIN 210, on the subject as well.

"I definitely think this is information that every student needs to know regardless of their major,” Hardin told the University's paper. “I’m now in the real world — what do I do?"

“Money Week” was rolled out when Colangelo dean Dr. Randy Gibb asked dean of students Pastor Tim Griffin, what the business college could do for students. Griffin's reply: “Personal finance education.”

“Our objective is to increase GCU students’ awareness and interest in their personal finance, motivate students to take the FIN 210 course as an elective, and determine areas of interest to students based upon participation/attendance,” Gibb said, per GCU Today.

For more on "Money Week" and GCU, head to the University'ssite here.