Here’s somestats to support what we already know – going green in the workplace can leadto more green in the bank.

According to anew survey by Buck Consultants, a firm specializing in human resources andbenefits consulting, the number of U.S. employers with formal greenworkplace programs increased significantly last year with two-thirds of organizationsreporting cost savings from reduced use of paper and electricity.

Buck’s secondannual “Greening of the American Workplace” survey showed that 53 percent ofemployers have green programs in place, an increase from 43 percent last year.Ninety-five percent have a recycling and paper reduction program in place, 85percent of the organizations surveyed use web and/or teleconferencing, 80percent offer healthy living and wellness programs, 57 percent offer telecommutingoptions and 52 percent provide a rideshare program.

Notsurprisingly, one critical factor for success in these programs is buy-in fromtop leadership. The survey found that 80 percent of employers with greenprograms include the chief executive in development and communications while 86percent of respondents appointed a dedicated leader for green efforts.