Teachers across the country are competing for H&R Block Dollars & Sense personal finance curriculum grants for their high school students.  

Candidates have applied and through April 17, the public can vote for the schools they want to see teaching this subject on the Facebook page or website.

Grant recipients will receive online curriculum with lessons on time management, budgeting and avoiding debt.

"Not one kid goes through our school that this curriculum wouldn't be effective for. Not one," said Paul Phlieger, a Dollars & Sense teacher in Quinlan, Tex., in a statement.

This spring, 250 teachers will be given the curriculum grants.

"Knowledge is power, and we're committed to helping provide more kids with the knowledge they need to make smart financial decisions when they're on their own," stated Phil Mazzini, president of H&R Block Retail/Assisted Tax. "We believe that helping kids understand money is an investment in everyone's future."