H&R Block is looking for accountants, bookkeepers and salespeople to join its recently launched Block Small Business service.

Block said Monday it would be hiring six positions over the next six weeks and an additional 15 to 30 positions in the next 12 months for the unit, which the company launched last year (see H&R Block Reaches out to Attract Accounting Firms).

“Since our launch in late 2014, we have seen significant traction with Block Small Business and have a very healthy pipeline building,” said Block Small Business director Jeremy Smith in a statement. “As a result of this growth, hiring is a critical strategic initiative for us throughout the coming year.”

Over the next month, Block Small Business plans to hire four bookkeepers, one accounting operations manager and a salesperson. Over the next 12 months, it plans to hire one to two dozen bookkeepers, one to two implementation specialists, another accounting operations manager and two additional salespeople.

“These new positions at Block Small Business will help local business people succeed and will be an important part of the community’s dynamism,” said Jennifer Katrulya, accounting operations director of Block Small Business.

Bookkeepers will need at least one year of recent experience providing accounting services to small businesses and should have a firm grasp of accounting principles, practices and technologies. They must also have experience using standard accounting software. 

Accounting Operations Managers are CPAs with expertise in various areas of small business accounting, including bookkeeping, payroll and sales tax, with eight to 10 years of experience, including recent experience managing staff and providing accounting services to small businesses. The AOM will manage a team of bookkeepers, is the client’s main point of contact and will ultimately be responsible for a book of business of approximately $2 million or more.

Implementation specialists will need to have at least five years of experience implementing small business accounting solutions. The implementation specialist will be responsible for onboarding new clients to ensure a smooth transition into Block Small Business. Client interaction, a deep understanding of H&R Block’s technology and a basic understanding of accounting principles will be paramount.

The salesperson will need to have at least 10 years of experience selling products or professional services to small businesses (less than $15 million in revenue). They will have a significant existing network in the Kansas City metro area and will need to have the ability to understand and be passionate about H&R Block’s offering.