[IMGCAP(1)]On one end of a continuum, social media can confer great career advantages as a networking and learning tool. On the other end of that continuum, it can be an unproductive, colossal time suck. Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

However, if you want to use social media to enhance your career, how should you prioritize your time between Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and other sites?

Consider these three points:

1.    Know what you want to accomplish career-wise by engaging in online networking platforms.

2.    If you’re using social media to network, identify specific people you want to know. Determine where they are online. Spend your time there.

3.    If you’re using social media as a learning tool, identify what you want to learn. Determine where you can find that information online. Spend your time there.

If you’re using social media without purpose, you’re playing. And that’s OK. We all need to play.

Just know that if you clarify your goals and make them specific, you can develop an effective social media strategy for your career.

Donna Svei, CPA, CFE is an executive search consultant and resume writer. Monster.com named her one of their “11 for 2011: Career Experts Who Can Help Your Job Search.” Donna blogs at AvidCareerist.com. You will find her on GooglePlus at gplus.to/donnasvei and on LinkedIn at http://www.linkedin.com/in/donnasvei . Donna can be reached at (208) 721-0131 or donnasvei@gmail.com.