Today will mark the opening of Husson University's Ronan Center for Financial Technology on the school's Bangor, Me. campus, made possible by the donations of alumnus Bob Ronan and his wife, Linda. Mr. Ronan is a retired senior vice president of technology with Fidelity Investments; his wife currently serves as a vice president in Fidelity’s technology area.

“The facility has a unique design,” said Husson University College of Business dean Marie Hansen. “While traditional classrooms have a ‘front’ and ‘back’, this space allows instructors to stand with any of the walls behind them or deliver presentations from the center of the room. Creating a facility with a capacity for 360-degree learning is another example of how Husson University delivers innovative, groundbreaking, professional education.”

The Center features two LED stock ticker displays that will display market activity in real time, as well as two large interactive touchscreens that provide students with the ability to research stock, mutual fund and bond investment performance. Students will be able to access historical, financial data for both US and international companies.

“Our hope for this Center is that it creates another opportunity at Husson University for students to utilize experiential learning to enhance their classroom experience," Bob Ronan said in a statement. "I fully expect that one day we’ll have successful graduates who, when they think about their Husson experience, will remember the time they spent in this Center.”  

“As a champion of education and a member of our Board of Trustees, Bob is helping our students prepare for professional success in today’s competitive, global economy," said Robert A. Clark, Ph.D., CFA, and president of Husson University. "His support led to the creation of a new, innovative educational facility that in the coming years will educate the next generation of accomplished financial professionals and investors.” 

The Ronan family has had a rich history with Husson University through the years: Bob Ronan graduated the university with a BS in Accounting in 1979, before obtaining his MBA from Carnegie-Mellon University. From 1966 – 1973, Bob’s father, Robert K. Ronan, CPA, was a professor of accounting at Husson. A Korean war veteran and partner at Donahue, Haverlock and Ronan in Camden, Me., the Ronan family patriarch passed away in 1974 at the age 38. Bob’s brother, John K. Ronan, as well as his wife, Tracy, also graduated with a BS in accounting from the university, with John earning his MBA in 2011 from the school.