Members of online community iShade would give the current Congress an “F,” according to a recent survey in which a majority of the group’s accounting professionals issued the failing grade.

iShade asked the community, “How would you grade our current Congress?” and the responses were:

“A”                  --         0 percent of respondents
“B”                  --         9 percent of respondents
“C” or “D”       --         27 percent of respondents
“F”                   --         64 percent of respondents

“If you look at the facts on what has actually been accomplished in Congress the past couple of years, it’s remarkably bad,” said Rob Nance, iShade’s curator/chief content manager, in a statement. “Quite a bit of what has passed has also been fluff. The accounting profession hit the mark on these grades.”

One member, Paul R. Ullman, a CPA in Hobe Sound, Fla., who graded “F” commented: “These representatives of us, the People, need to quit worrying more about getting re-elected and spend their time doing their job. Right now their job is to get this country out of debt, run a balanced budget and get out of the way of those productive citizens so the country can prosper. There needs to be a concerted effort to stop the redistribution of wealth, to stop the giveaways and to impress on all of the citizens that ALL of US must contribute to cutting the entitlements for the benefit of us all in the long run.”