Two entrepreneurial friends from Long Island have created a board game where buying, investing and credit will help you become the winner that takes all.

Players in the game must balance their cash and credit to earn their way from a gold credit card to platinum to elite black status – and be debt free – to win the game.

The Hasbro game, called Charge Large and created by Joe Davis and Adam Kornblum, rewards a player’s ability to know when and how much money to borrow, keep enough cash in their portfolio to pay off debt, while simultaneously collecting a stack of credit receipts in order to upgrade to the next level credit card.

“Charge Large is more than just a game about hitting it rich and achieving status,” Davis said. “It’s a fun and entertaining way to strategically think about how cash and credit work together.”

During a game, players travel around the board, buying buildings, investing in companies and managing their stock portfolios. The number of shares invested in each owned company determines the amount of cash that a player collects on payday.

And just like real life, players must also be alert for Tax Day.

The first player to earn the black elite credit card, have at least $2.5 billion in cash and zero debt, wins!