KPMG represented the Big Four as one of Computerworld’s top 12 Green-IT Organizations for 2011, ranking No. 2 for its efficient strategies, work to reduce energy consumption in IT equipment and use of technology to conserve energy and lower carbon emissions.

“Receiving this award is an honor for us at KPMG, where being a responsible corporate citizen is a core value and key business driver,” said Dick Anderson, KPMG’s chief information officer, in a statement. “Our organization and people are committed to pursuing environmentally friendly business practices. Plus, KPMG is working with clients to implement similar solutions, so it's good for our people to be able to talk about our successes in putting these strategies into practice.”

These strategies are part of KPMG’s larger U.S. “Living Green” program, launched in 2008 to reduce its overall carbon footprint.

The firm recently announced a 22 percent carbon reduction over three years from its 2007 baseline target, a 33 percent reduction in paper consumption, a 16 percent decrease in emissions from electricity, a decline of non-recycled waste by 51 percent and a 26 percent cut in air travel and 7 percent reduction in office energy use, according to analysis by KPMG’s climate change and sustainability practice.

The firm’s other green initiatives include server virtualization, installing a solar panel system on four KPMG buildings in Montvale, N.J., local specialized recycling programs and the recycling of every firm laptop, monitor and printer.

“Many of the organizations recognized in our fourth annual Top Green-IT issue have woven energy-saving initiatives into the fabric of their IT strategies,” said Scot Finnie, editor in chief of Computerworld, in a statement. “These top organizations are tapping the collective brainpower of their IT staffs to capitalize on existing technologies that lower energy use and seek out new methods to better control their carbon footprints.”

Computerworld selected the 12 listed organizations from 70 applicants based on criteria determined in part by green-IT industry experts.

For more about KPMG’s Living Green program, visit here.