London, Johannesburg, Shanghai, Stockholm and Melbourne – these are just some of the places interns at KPMG have been able to travel, thanks to their Global Internship Program.

The Global Internship Program, or GIP, launched in 2007, and has since sent more than 200 select interns overseas for four weeks on assignment in an international member firm.

As a result of the program, KPMG has received an Innovation Excellence Award from the National Association of Colleges and Employers [NACE]. The award recognizes exceptional global initiatives or programs that promote information exchange, study abroad, or employment/career development of new college graduates worldwide.

“KPMG understands that today’s marketplace transcends geographic borders and that it is critical for our interns to gain exposure to new countries and cultures as part of their career development,” said Manny Fernandez, KPMG national managing partner for university relations and recruiting.

The GIP allows interns to start their internship at a firm in the U.S. and then continue it for four weeks at an international location where they are assigned to major KPMG client accounts. At the end of the four weeks, the interns return to the U.S. to complete their internship.

KPMG will be honored during NACE’s 2009 Annual Conference, which is going on this week.