On Thursday,KPMG LLPannouncedthat it will donate100,000 new books and – in conjunction with Campbell Soup Company – more than 150,000 cans of soup this holiday season to organizations affiliated with theNational Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth (NAEHCY), in addition to various food banks and organizations that serve the homeless.

In its "Soup and Stories" campaign, KPMG's nationwide offices will build and donate "starter libraries," complete with 250 new books, to NAEHCY-affiliated organizations. The libraries will also collect canned goods for shelters that accept food donations, in an effort to resolve hunger and educational challenges as a result of homelessness. Additionally, each NAEHCY-affiliated organization will receive a grant fromKPMG's Family for Literacy (KFFL)program - which has donated more than 2.3 million new books to children in need over the past six years - to secure additional books from the nonprofit, social enterprise First Book.  

"KPMG's 'Family for Literacy' [program] is dedicated to helping eradicate childhood illiteracy in the U.S. and this year we are going beyond the classroom to reach some of the most vulnerable children in our country, those without a permanent home," saidJohn Veihmeyer, chairman and CEO of KPMG, in a statement. "Through our 'Soup and Stories' campaign, we aspire to nourish both the minds and bodies of those most in need, by utilizing the commitment, resources, and energy of our entire KPMG family."

Campbell Soup Company joined KPMG's efforts when they learned of the "Soup and Stories" campaign, matching KPMG's donation of 75,000 cans of soup. 

"Campbellis honored to collaborate with KPMG and NAEHCY to provide comfort and nourishment to those who need it most during the holidays," stated Dave Stangis,Campbell's vice president, public affairs and corporate responsibility. "At Campbell, we recognize the role our foods play in people's lives and that what we do every day matters. We're thrilled to help with such a worthy cause." 

"Homeless children and youth face many barriers to educational success, including lack of access to books," stated Barbara Duffield, director of policy and programs for NAEHCY. "KPMG's 'Family for Literacy and First Book' are putting new books in the hands of thousands of homeless children and youth, helping to build their literacy skills while bringing comfort during a time of upheaval and loss. Their efforts will help put homeless children on the path to educational success and a brighter future."

"As a leader in the realm of corporate responsibility, KPMG uses the full depth and breadth of its resources to promote literacy and provide children with the books and educational resources they need," saidKyle Zimmer, president and CEO of First Book. "KPMG's 'Family for Literacy' program does impactful work year-round, and the 'Soup and Stories' campaign builds on that work by ensuring an underserved population of children has permanent access to books outside of the classroom."

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