On Tuesday morning, the second day of events at Practitioners Symposium and Tech Conference in Orlando, Fla., Dave Maney, Founder/CEO of Deke Digital held a presentation on producing smarter social media content entitled, "Inbound Lead Generation Using Social Media."

Maney, who previously had a career in print journalism and television before founding Deke Digital, spoke of key elements he saw in producing a successful social media campaign for firms and businesses. Maney covered five points on social media, including:

  • Insight into content strategy that links targeted social media audiences to selling opportunities.
  • An understanding of the precision targeting capabilities offered by the paid side of the dominant social media platforms.
  • Knowing when and where to insert human beings to make the sale to a social media generated prospect.
  • Budgetary and resource expectations and requirements to launch a targeted paid social media campaign.
  • Ideas for potentially effective campaigns.

Maney urged that successful social media strategy is complex, but "not rocket science. [It's] trying to create and replicate a recipe in a million-ingredient kitchen." He offered a sample recipe consisting of:
1. Strategic, high quality, narrow-focus content.

2. High-authority distribution.

3. Free social media amplification.

4. High-value, high resonance offer.

5. Data-capturing call to action.

6. Paid social targeting.

7. Analyzing the analytics.

8. Human interaction

9: Retargeting.

10. Repeat.

11. (Aggressive email and database marketing)

Maney also touched on "high-authority distribution," or getting one's social media efforts recognized and shared by large media companies. It is a process that's "hard to achieve, time-consuming...and worth it," saying that media platforms offer prestige/credibility, SEO authority, and more eyeballs on one's efforts.

For more on Deke Digital, head to their site here.