On Tuesday afternoon, the second day of events at Practitioners Symposium and Tech Conference in Orlando, Fla.,Sarah Cirelli, interactive marketing manager at WithumSmith+Brown, spoke to an audience on the advantages on creative marketing in her presentation titled, "Video Strategy to Break Through Your Marketing Barriers."

"What I want you to do today is take a step back on marketing and get excited on social media, marketing, and creative aspect," she told the crowd.

Cirelli noted that “in the past two to three years, social media has become so noisy - people are becoming frustrated and walking away."" And while creating more fun alternatives to firm marketing like producing videos has become more of a valid option, she noted that “video marketing is still marketing. It's understanding your message, your audience. Figure out where your audience is hanging out, and then make your content."

Creative marketing certainly has its uses: Cirelli claimed that using the word "video" in an email subject line boosted opening rate by 19%, and click-through rate by 65%. Videos were also 39% more likely to research a brand.

But Cirelli that the purpose behind 'Social Media' or 'Video Marketing' isn't just to keep up with the times, but to create a connection with one's audience.

"Social Media is not Linkedin, Youtube, Twitter; It's less about the actual platform and more about what it enables – social interaction. If you think of it as something you just have to do, you are not going to do much."

Cirelli left the crowd to think about personal branding online, saying that is essential to "control your online identity, what people will find out about you, or someone else will."

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