Uhoh. Is this a party you’d want to crash? We’re not sure, but there’s a new consultingfirm that is aiming to jumpstart the relationships between senior levelaccountants and attorneys.

Thepurpose of Professional Peers Connect is to “facilitate, foster and incubatenew and strategic business development relationships among senior levelprofessionals by assisting them in finding common ground.”

Thisassistance is not free, of course.

Accordingto their website, http://www.peers-connect.com/each firm participates in the programfor a six month period, during which six professionals are activity engaged invarious meetings. The fee for this period is based on the number ofparticipants.

“We glean very focused profiles fromlawyers and accountants,” said Barbara Frankel, a founding partner of the firm.“This is at the core of matching professionals with their peers atcomplementary firms.”

The firm also guarantees a “safe andcontrolled networking environment” where accountants and attorneys are free totalk about the challenges of their roles – at either a breakfast, lunch ordinner meeting in a neutral setting.

Topics to be discussed include: making thetransition from associate to partner; how to develop business; dealing withdifficult clients; the current business environment; and learning to managepeople.