For Martin Abo, home decorating might mean a trip to the local novelty shop.

Abo gives a tour of his whimsically decorated Cherry Hill, N.J., home in a funny parody of the MTV Cribs show in a hilarious new YouTube video. Among the notable items on display in “Casa Abo” are a lamp shaped like a curvaceous female, a vintage postage stamp vending machine, a parking meter, a fire hydrant, a working traffic light, a No Vacancy sign, a door that leads to nowhere, a diner jukebox, a pizza chef figure draped in holiday lights, and what appear to be a car trunk-shaped sofa with tailfins, and a statue of a child wearing a baseball cap and blonde wig facing a bench.

Abo and his wife put a lot of effort into amassing the collection over the decades. “This became kind of an eclectic type of catch-all,” he said. “It’s taken us years, 252 dog years of marriage—that’s 36 years from an accounting [perspective]—so we’ve accumulated stuff the whole time.”

Abo’s CPA firm, Abo and Company LLC, has offices in Mount Laurel, N.J., and Morrisville, Pa., but we don’t get to see in the video how they’re decorated.

An article about Abo is scheduled to run in the July/August 2013 issue of New Jersey CPA magazine. We’re betting he will be making a few more stops at New Jersey’s famed Englishtown flea market before that issue hits the newsstands.