Hip-hop mogul and actor Sean “P Diddy” Combs has reportedly paid off a $7,373 tax lien that the IRS filed against his restaurant in May.

Turns out the IRS sent the tax notices to the restaurant’s old address in New York City. Unfortunately, Combs closed the eatery in New York years ago, but kept open another restaurant with the same name in Atlanta. The eatery, known as Justin’s Restaurant, was named after Combs’ son. He also stopped using the New York corporate address, but the IRS seems to have lost track of it, even though a spokesman told the Detroit News that the new address was on file with the IRS. Apparently just not in the right files, that is.

On top of that, the payroll company that was supposed to be handling the tax payments underpaid them in 2007. A check for the $7,373 is supposedly winging its way to the IRS now, though, so Combs and his tax records should soon be in the clear.