The accounting profession isn’t exempt from the hard-hitting recession and it’s always encouraging to hear when state societies step up and fill a need for their members in response to struggle. Such is the case with the Piedmont Chapter of the South Carolina Association of Certified Public Accountants by providing a scholarship fund to help those CPAs who have lost their jobs.

Specifically, the scholarship is used to help defray the cost of completing the 40 hours of annual professional training CPAs need to retain their license.

“This program allows the chapter to show solidarity with its members who may be in a difficult financial position,” said Melanie Hill, president-elect of the Piedmont Chapter.“While experienced CPAs can normally find employment in a short period of time, we’re seeing many positions being eliminated or replaced by seasonal and temporary jobs. We see a need for the program as long as the recession continues to suppress job creation.”

The program is being funded by Staffing Partners, a Greenville accounting and information technology recruiting firm.

The Chapter has about 250 members and the scholarship funds are available for current members and any members who join before Jan. 1, 2010. Members can apply for the scholarship funding by contacting Katherine Swartz, chapter coordinator with the state CPA association at