Earlier this month, PwC USlaunchedCareerAdvisor, a free, customizable tool that will help emerging professionals discover their unique interests and professional goals as they prepare to enter the job market.

CareerAdvisor includes tools needed to effectively develop resumes, prepare for interviews and build an online presence, while also helping young professionals identify their passions, uncover their purpose, and achieve their career-oriented goals.

“PwC created CareerAdvisorto help all students discoverwhothey are,wherethey want to go,whatthey want to do, and more importantly,howthey can get there – no matter what their major or career pursuits may be,” said PwC US campus recruiting leader Alexa Merschel in a statement.

CareerAdvisoris fully customizable, comprised of four areas which include activities, articles, videos, tips and tools to give users an advantage in the current job market. Students can customize the resources available to create their own personal experience to meet their career planning goals.

“CareerAdvisor acts as a motivational tool for all students and job seekers alike to reflect on their passions and take control of their future – regardless of their major or career path,” adds Merschel.

For more information on CareerAdvisor, head to its sitehere.