[IMGCAP(3)] Did you know that I had a Radical CPE Event last week?  It was totally successful but I will let the Twitter feed explain the day!

“@mmaycpa Look what arrived in the mail today! No joke...it's PJs. #CPAsHaveFune #radicalcpe


“Webinar with @JodyPadarCPA today. Yay! Changing the way we do CPE. #RadicalCPE #DareToBeDifferent

“Playing some tax trivia this morning on The Radical CPA @JodyPadarCPA #radicalcpe @CCH_Whats_New #fun&learning pic.twitter.com/w1fF9yb2Nr


“Technology adoption like a smoothie? The right combo of ingredients can make something better than a single ingredient. #radicalCPE

“A firm is composed of: cloud, social, value, and experience' - @JodyPadarCPA #RadicalCPE

“Preparing a tax return is a commodity. What is your real client value & do you leverage technology to create it? #radicalCPE

“In accounting world, radical and disruptive are positive words. #radicalcpe

"We are in our clients financial underwear drawers @JodyPadarCPA the cloud changes the way we do business #changeyourgame #radicalcpe

“The touchy feely-social business- are u listening and allowing clients to know who you are? #radicalcpe

“Social media: the new chamber of commerce chicken dinner networking event @JodyPadarCPA #radicalcpe

"Social media gives me a connection my CPA peers" says @JodyPadarCPA I agree. #RadicalCPE

“You should at least be listening in on social media to see if anyone is talking about you or your business #radicalcpe

“This little piggy went to The Radical CPA Event #radicalcpe #processpiggy Process has to be discipline in firm”


“I love my group sessions at #radicalcpe. So interesting to hear everyone's ideas”


“Live your customer experience to know it is the right one. Always opportunity to improve customer satisfaction. #radicalcpe

“Identify the customer touch points so you can ‘see’ what the customer experiences. @JodyPadarCPA #radicalcpe

“Dominoes has a pizza tracker yet most firms don't know where a tax return is in the process in real time @JodyPadarCPA #radicalcpe :pizza”

“Working in cloud no diff that working on premise with client. Same client focused approach...just using diff tools. #RadicalCPE

#RadicalCPE - THE BEST webinar I've ever seen. Thank you @JodyPadarCPA !! Leading the change, you are. #Leadership #Tax

#radicalcpe feedback: quite possibly the best CPE experience I have had in my 15 years as a CPA. @JodyPadarCPA you outdid yourself!”

“Thank you @CCHMediaHelp and @avalara for sponsoring. Couldn't do it without you! @ShariDodgen #radicalcpe