What qualities do you look for in a dream job? Is it high pay, low stress, and ease of breaking into the profession? If so, the field of accounting certainly fits the bill - so much so that job search portalCareerCast.comhas deemed accounting the most underrated profession today.

While attorneys, advertising executives, and surgeons are undoubtedly high-paying professions,CareersCastpoints to the high stress and years of preparation involved in striving in those fields. Accounting, they argue, fulfills the high-paying rewards of top professions, while also offering in hiring. 

“Underrated jobs often share certain traits, such as high-growth potential, low stress and the opportunity to make a difference,” Tony Lee, publisher at CareerCast, stated in a press release. “While these jobs may not attract as much attention, they can be more fulfilling than a high-stress, high-profile career.”

CareerCastranked the following job titles as the most underrated:

1. Accountant
2. Civil Engineer
3. Computer Systems Analyst
4. Environmental Engineer
5. Geologist
6. Legal Assistant
7. Market Research Analyst
8. Multimedia Artist
9. Physiologist
10. Veterinarian

For the full report, and their list of the most overrated jobs, head to CareerCast.com.