I spent a good portion of the week in Atlanta covering Sage Summit, Sage’s customer conference. And execs there just loved the story of college student Andrew Yellis – and when you read what happened, you’ll know why.

To summarize (he explains it best on his own blog), he was in accounting class when his professor started to demonstrate QuickBooks. In response to this, Andrew tweeted, “getting a quickbooks demo in accounting class. silly professor – doesn’t she know peachtree is what all the cool people use?”

Well, the people over at Peachtree saw the tweet and retweeted Andrew “Yeah, we’re cool.”

But the story doesn’t end there. Sage takes it further. Want more? Read it yourself on Andrew’s blog.

And as an aside, this isn’t a blow to QuickBooks here. This is a story about how Sage picked up the ball and ran with it. It’s a good example of how a large company can play off of what their customers are already doing and show appreciation for their loyalty.

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