Sageworks has released "Next-Level Accountants: Your guide to growing a firm of trusted advisors," an e-book containing insights from some of the top thought leaders in the accounting and valuation professions.

Top experts in firm strategy, compensation, marketing, client relations, client retention and technology share advice in the book on cultivating a firm of trusted advisors and for scaling an accounting business. The book covers practical strategies to help firms create more value for their clients and increase profitability and is designed so each chapter can be read in under five minutes.

“Many accountants continue to run their practices the way they have been for years:  focused on compliance-related services, battling compressed work schedules and lamenting pricing pressure,” said author Mary Ellen Biery of Sageworks. “But a growing number in the profession agree that positioning firms as trusted advisors and delivering the services to support that strategy can produce more loyal, happy clients and staff, as well as higher revenues.”

Thought leaders such as Gale Crosley, Doug Sleeter, Tim McDaniel and Erik Asgeirsson offer insights on the importance of serving as “quarterback” for business clients. Jody Padar and Allan D. Koltin discuss approaches for providing a better client experience while securing the firm’s future growth. Tom Hood, Marc Rosenberg, Joe Woodard and Gary R. Trugman give practical advice for freeing up time so accountants can work on strategy, management and other high-value work. Ronald J Baker, August J. Aquila and Terrence E. Putney provide partner and practice-management strategies for transforming your firm’s focus to value-added advisory work. Finally, Charles Green, Randall Bolten and Kelly Phillips Erb share best practices for developing some of the “soft skills” that set apart trusted advisors.

The e-book explains:

• Why industry leaders believe that robust advisory and consulting practices are critical to future firm stability and growth;

• How to implement pricing, compensation and management that consistently further your firm’s strategic vision and goals;

• Nuances of client conversations that can lead to additional services and stronger relationships;

• Opportunities and pitfalls in creating a proactive firm culture; and

• How to optimize firm efficiency with technology and streamlined process.

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