Scheffel Boyle forms new 'Agribusiness Service Niche' to serve agricultural industry

Southern Illinois firmScheffel Boyleannounced on Monday that they'll be adding a new "Agribusiness Service Niche" to their list of client focus groups.

The Agribusiness Niche will look to provide tax, accounting, audit, succession and estate planning, as well as general consulting services, to the agricultural industry. Clients will include farmers, cooperatives, grain elevators, and seed and fertilizer dealerships, amongst others.

The new Agribusiness team will be overseen by Michael Ulrich, Steve Pembrook, Dennis Ulrich, Danny Phipps, John Russell, and Justin Goode. Notably, many members have personal experience owning and operating their own farms and assisting farming clients in financial services.

“Being a farmer isn’t something you do; it’s who you are,” said Michael Ulrich, per a statement. “Being farmers ourselves, we can help our clients focus on what is important to them while bringing our own personal knowledge of agribusiness to their doorsteps.”

Scheffel Boyle is recognized as the largest locally-owned CPA firm in Southwestern Illinois. In business since 1924, their services include both corporate and individual accounting, tax, consulting, and assurance services.

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