Nearly 125 young African American accountants turned out for the 7th annual We’re About Success! program, sponsored by the Howard University School of Business Center for Accounting Education (CAE) to improve the retention and advancement of first year minority associates. 

Since its inception, the weeklong program, held near Washington, D.C., has hosted African American associates from each of the Big Four firms, as well as midsized and regional firms.

“Meeting peers and senior role models at many firms gives young black accountants a clearer idea of how to advance than they might get by interacting only within their own firm,” said  Frank Ross, director of the CAE and former managing partner and board member at KPMG. “Not only are they exposed to a wider range of perspectives, but they realize that they all face similar challenges and opportunities regardless of where they work. This helps them to identify and start taking the steps that will enable them to succeed.”

The program encourages early completion of the CPA exam and provides training in networking, communication, mentorship and client relations.

“When you bring all cultures and ideas together in a common cause you get a better outcome,” said John Honor, CEO of the Honor Group, and a program facilitator. “There is a cross-pollination of conversation that enriches everybody.”

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