Survey: Over 70% of young professionals 'concerned' about increasing automation

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According to a recent survey via British finance career resource WikiJob, over 70% of respondents pursuing a career in accounting were concerned about automation reducing their professional roles over the next two decades.

WikiJob conducted the survey in response to a recent study compiled by Oxford University and Deloitte, which concluded that two of the ten jobs that could be made redundant in the future were located inside the accounting sector: Financial Accounts Manager (#4) and Bookkeeper (#8).

WikiJob polled 74 of their registered users who were planning on pursing an accounting degree. In all, three-quarters of respondents were concerned about automation in relation to accounting, with 32% saying they were "very concerned," and 40% being "somewhat concerned."

When asked what specific area of accounting faced the biggest risk of becoming automated, over half of respondents cited "Bookkeeping" as the top answer.

Notably, only 48% of poll respondents considered accounting "a good career choice" when considering the rise of automation. Furthermore, of the approximately 60% of respondents who have considered an alternative industry to accounting, "Management Consulting" ranked as their top answer.

For the full survey results and more on WikiJob, head to their site here.

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