Working virtually from home may have been a semi popular idea, at best, amongst firms a few years ago, but in soon-to-be 2015, the idea is gaining much more traction, especially amongst younger CPA's and new-hires.

Of the 99 firms interviewed in ConvergenceCoaching's ongoingblog serieson remote working amongst firms, opinions varied on the specifics of a virtual workplace, but most agreed that it would be an inevitable factor to consider going forward.

“Get input from younger workers because this program is critical to getting their buy-in," commented one interviewee. 

“It doesn’t work for everyone or for every position. Think it through carefully before offering the opportunity or saying 'yes' to someone asking if he/she can do it," suggested another respondent.

Almost one-fifth of the survey-takers noted communication as their “one piece of advice" they would give to firms implementing a remote work program, with sixteen respondents urging firms to think ahead on how to best manage said programs.

Respondents also stressed the importance of defining which employees are eligible for virtual work programs.Six respondents stated that inexperienced staff members are not eligible because of the lack of feedback and guidance they'd have out of office. "A year of experience is required to work from home [to help] us see if the staff is capable of working independently," one firm stated.

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