[IMGCAP(1)]Business professionals already have limited time to workout. When adding the variable of traveling into the mix, things only get more complicated.

In order to be successful with proactive lifestyle adjustments, you must adhere to them consistently, regardless of a demanding travel schedule.

I call it a lifestyle for a reason. The adjustments alter and remodel the way you approach every decision in your life.

Typically, this means training at the same time every day, planning out your meals and preparing them ahead of time, and perhaps even training with a workout partner to hold each other accountable. These everyday routines work very well when not interrupted, but what happens when you are out of town?

Usually, travel status holds one destiny for those involved: routine destruction. Nutrition is thrown out the window and exercise is finding a comfortable seated position in the airplane. Considering the growing amounts of people who travel frequently, and sometimes for a living, finding effective ways to implement a proactive lifestyle is a priority.

Of course, this is easier said than done. There are a myriad of obstacles to overcome when working out on the road: how much time is available to devote to fitness, what exercise equipment is available, where the local fitness facilities are located, and the loss of motivation that occurs when rhythm and routine is disrupted. The key to any successful fitness program is to eliminate all excuses.

Limitations on time and availability of acceptable facilities are probably the biggest factors hindering a fitness program on the road. Do not fall victim to the “all or nothing” mentality. In order to maintain frequency in training, do not skip training sessions all together. A better option is to do an abbreviated workout.

Stick with a hard and intense 20 minute workout that can keep you on pace until you are back in your regular health and wellness environment. This is also the best time to work on flexibility and tissue quality by concentrating on self-massage techniques and stretching.  

Limited equipment is another hurdle that needs to be overcome when working out on the road. Most hotel gyms do not have a full gym on site. Still others may not have all the right equipment.

In this case, and staying consistent to the time constraints, a short, body weight, resistance program that can be done in the hotel room itself will likely give you the best bang-for-your-buck workout while on the road. Depending on how often traveling interferes with a normal workout routine, keeping the same bodyweight program on hand whenever you travel is the best option.

This will eliminate all the other obstacles as well. There is no need to know where the local fitness facilities are located, since the workout can be done in the hotel room. The workout is short and sweet so little motivation is needed for getting started, and finally, the workout is planned out ahead of time so there is no uncertainty regarding what exercises to do.

So now there are no excuses for missing a workout! Provided below is a list of little pieces of equipment that can be brought for effective workouts while in travel status.

Travel Workout Equipment List:

•    Foam roller
•    Tennis ball
•    Golf ball
•    TRX suspension trainer or Olympic rings
•    Furniture movers or small hand towels
•    Jump rope
•    Resistance bands
•    Mini bands
•    Physioball

Luke Sniewski currently works as a CPA and fitness consultant. He works by weaving the health and wellness world with the business professional world. Working with companies and business professionals, his organization, LEAF, teaches the PAIN CPE course series that aims to improve the overall quality of life through the implementation of proactive lifestyles. Visit www.leaflifestyle.com for more details.