[IMGCAP(1)]I was a fly on the wall during a recent training session facilitated at my firm. Based on the participant demographics, it was a meeting that I thought I would never witness.

One of our clients had come in for QuickBooks training. This client brought a friend with him to also sit through the session. The instructor was a 20-something that led training via our big-screen TV. The two students eagerly took notes on their iPads. My business partner walked into the room shortly after the start of the session and quickly whipped out his iPad to take notes as well…and join the fun. Here’s the surprising part: all three “trainees” were over the age of 60! I don’t know about you, but I think most would find that shocking—pleasantly shocking.

After training concluded, the instructor exited, but the three trainees stayed to hold an impromptu “app” meeting. They enthusiastically exchanged information about their favorite apps—the most used, the most helpful, and the most fun (is it me or is everyone addicted to Angry Birds?!).

The facts speak for themselves. There was a CPA, an insurance broker and a consultant, all over 60, and all using the latest technology to streamline information intake. This is a good lesson for all those “older” accounting professionals that wave off new technology and say “it’s just too much to learn.” Technology truly doesn’t have an age limit…it’s a state of mind.