If you think you've seen every collegiate ice-breaker before, think again: Temple University's Ambler Campus Accounting Professional Society will host the first ever "CPA Dash" next Sunday, September 28th, at 11 a.m. As the name suggests, four-person teams are invited to participate in a relay race of sorts, showcasing their accounting skills on the fly.

“A lot of organizations do 5K runs. We started thinking about how we could differentiate that a little more — combine running with accounting and make it fun and unique,” said Society president Jere Ritchie, 27, in a statement. “While I was in the Army, I was involved in a lot of programs that were a mix of physical and technical competencies. I thought that would translate well for a college campus.”

Activities will include a short run, accounting problem-solving, as well as competitive tie-tying. Professionals from area firms (such as Deloitte, Surgent Kolar, WeiserMazars, and more) will act as judges.

“The goal of the Accounting Professional Society is to get professionals and students together in a small, friendly environment that promotes meaningful engagement - we want to help enhance the business student community at Temple Ambler," Ritchie added. "There are a lot of traditional and non-traditional students looking for these types of informal networking opportunities. We hope everyone comes out and has a great experience.”

For more information on the Dash, or to sign up as a team or an individual, contact Jere Ritchie atjere.ritchie@temple.edu