The Michigan offices of tax and advisory services firm UHY Advisors were noticeably greener this past tax season, as staff filed and sent out 95 percent of their returns electronically.

The firm decided to embrace paperless returns in the name of eco-friendliness.

“Going paperless is much more efficient and saves us a great deal on paper,” stated managing director Pat Gregory.

The firm set up a process of administrative professionals burning copies of the returns onto CD-ROMs

“Many clients were already requesting their returns in electronic form, so going paperless was a logical step,” said Todd Bensley, managing director and national tax director, in a statement. “A number of clients prefer the electronic copies over paper, because their file cabinets are getting full of old returns. Electronic copies take up much less space. Plus, most of them were scanning and saving their paper files and making their own electronic copies anyways, so this just saved them a step.”

UHY plans to carry the process into next tax season, while continuing to brainstorm new ways to go green.